About SimDex

Our Team

Geoff Myers

Digital Marketing Consultant + Strategist,
WordPress Web Application Developer,
President + CEO of SimDex

Geoff Myers has been involved in and excited about business, marketing, design, and technology since 2004, when he founded SimDex LLC at the age of 14 in his hometown of Saint Paul, Minnesota. Although SimDex originally started as an IT consulting and support company, it evolved into a web design and development agency by 2008, and eventually matured into a full-service digital marketing consulting firm by 2016, specializing in custom WordPress web application development. For more than 12 years, Geoff has been designing and coding for the web while also growing his – and his clients’ – businesses through the application of strategic marketing technologies and the development of custom-built, user-focused web applications.

Geoff originally started out building static websites with Dreamweaver in HTML and CSS, but shifted to using the Joomla! content management system (CMS) by 2008, when version 1.5 was released. In 2010, he fell in love with – and became addicted to – WordPress and its community. Since then, Geoff has designed, developed, marketed, managed, and maintained over 60 WordPress-powered websites for a wide variety of clients in terms of industry, size, type, and location. Lately, Geoff has focused on building highly personalized web applications and integrations for WordPress using PHP and MySQL, the building blocks of WordPress itself.

Brendan Boyle

Web Developer (Frontend/Backend), Consultant

Samuel Montgomery

UI/UX Designer, Web Developer (Frontend), Consultant

  • Responsibilities
    • Communicates directly with clients via Basecamp, sends various digital assets for approval
    • Creates, cuts, and slices vector graphics and design elements using Photoshop and Illustrator
    • Creates mockups, sitemaps, and wireframes
    • Develops responsive websites using frameworks such as WordPress and Twitter Bootstrap 3
    • Implements design using HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, and JavaScript
    • Streamlines user experience to improve ease of use
    • Updates user interface to flat, web 2.0 design
  • Technical Skills
    • Degree: Bachelor of Arts
    • Major: Music Business
    • Alma Mater: McNally Smith College of Music (2012)

10+ Years Experience

Founded in 2004, SimDex has more than 10 years of experience in IT consulting + support and web design + development. We know what we’re doing – but we’re never arrogant.

100+ Websites Built

We’ve designed, developed, marketed, hosted, and maintained over 100 client websites in a wide variety of industries and of various complexities.

200+ Happy Clients

We’ve helped over 200 small businesses and individuals solve their Web + IT website challenges in the United States.


Our #1 goal – nay, our obsession – is to make all our clients as happy as possible and exceed their expectations in every area of customer service and at every step in the project lifecycle.

Reasonably Priced

Experience without the cost. We know small business and small business budgets. You will be surprised at how affordable our rates and fees are compared to the value you’ll get from working with us.

Our Principles

Ease of Use / User Friendliness
Longterm Business Relationships
People are #1, Technology is #2
Make it Work / Robustness

Our Objectives

Lower Costs
Improve Speed + Performance
Increase Workflow Efficiency
Save Time + Resources
Reduce Headaches
Enable Focus on More Important Matters

Our Mission

“To help small businesses grow and thrive through the effective use of the internet and technology.”