Geoff Myers: Managing & Maintaining Multiple WordPress Websites

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Geoff Myers, digital marketing consultant/strategist and president of SimDex LLC, will be presenting on managing and maintaining multiple WordPress websites.

This presentation will cover a variety of strategies, plugins, tools, best practices, and tutorials for bulk administering WordPress websites – especially useful if you are responsible for multiple clients’ websites.

This presentation will not cover WordPress Multisite (previously known as WPMU) in which multiple sites share a single WordPress installation.

Some of the specific subtopics, plugins, tools, and resources we’ll talk about:

  • Overview of ManageWP, InfiniteWP, MainWP, and other comparable solutions
  • Live Demonstration of both InfiniteWP and MainWP
  • Brief Introduction to WP-CLI (WordPress Command Line Interface)
  • Automating Backups to Amazon S3, Dropbox & Google Drive
  • Automating Updates to WordPress Core, Themes & Plugins
  • Creating & Managing Posts, Pages & Users Across Multiple Sites
  • Continuous Uptime & Performance Monitoring
  • Implementing Security & Scheduled Malware Scanning
  • And More!

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