Geoff Myers + Christopher Stratman: WordPress Page Builders for Non-Developers (Create Visual Layouts Without Code)

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A great tool if used correctly should save you time and simplify your project.

Will WordPress page builders (a.k.a. visual drag-and-drop layout editors) in the hands of a website owner eliminate the need for a designer or developer? Should a designer or developer feel guilty about using a page builder? The answers to these questions are no and no.

Join Christopher Stratman and Geoff Myers as they take a look at four of the most popular WordPress page builders available: Visual Composer, Cornerstone, Divi Builder, and Beaver Builder. They will be giving a high-level overview and live demonstration of all four and discuss how they use them in their website design and development processes.

Page builders in the WordPress ecosystem can speed up the design and build time for a designer or website owner. Tools within the page builders can provide you with new opportunities to push your design limits without having to learn lots of CSS and JavaScript coding skills.

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