Geoff Myers: Speeding Up Your Site: An Introduction to WordPress Performance Optimization

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Geoff Myers, digital marketing consultant/strategist and president of SimDex LLC, will be presenting an introduction to WordPress performance optimization (that is, speeding up your site).

This presentation will cover a variety of performance optimization strategies, plugins, best practices, and tutorials for:

  • Caching static resources
  • Minifying code
  • Shrinking images
  • Determining slow plugins
  • Reducing server load
  • Saving bandwidth
  • Decreasing page loading times
  • Creating a better overall user experience
  • Improving SEO (search engine optimization)

Some of the specific tools and resources we’ll talk about:

  • W3 Total Cache and WP Super Cache (caching plugins)
  • WP Smush and EWWW Image Optimizer (image optimization plugins)
  • CloudFlare and other CDNs (content delivery networks)
  • GTmetrix, Google PageSpeed, and Yahoo YSlow (performance benchmarking)
  • And more!

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